How is it possible, that such a wide spread corruption scheme can exist for decades in a democracy like Belgium, ruled by laws ?

Hunt for profit. 

Insurance companies seek to make profit at all costs - including by deliberately destroying people's health, and lives. Players who benefit from the corruption scheme assist in the cover up, shut up and fill their pockets. Belgian insurance companies are virtually broke. Reckless investments, the financial crisis and bad management have vaporized the provisions put aside for victims. The current financial climate does not leave enough room to make new provisions. Belgian insurance companies simply can not compensate injuries correctly anymore


Lack of awareness, lack of information.

Victims of an accident have no idea what trap they are falling into. They trust on the integrity of court doctors, judges, the law and the legal system. They are wrong to do so.




Corruption by insurances is 'normal' in Belgium. People who don't have an accident with severe disability, don't really care. 



Conflicts of interest.

The insurance corruption feeds on the strong connections of politics, law, education, economy

and health in Belgium. Unions as well as the government are stock holders of the insurance

companies. Members of parliament own insurance brokers agencies. Politicians are members of

the Board of Insurance companies and the banks that own them. Insurance doctors actively

influence judges and law makers. University professors actively collaborate with insurance

companies. Insurances can even "buy' a professor's title for an insurance doctor. Honest doctors

are threatened to get their license revoked by the national Doctors Council. The Doctors Council

and Insurance cartel lobby together within the government so new laws become impossible. Insurance lawyers are appointed as judges. Insurances doctors can freely access, delete, modify medical files in hospital electronic databases. And much more. 




Lack of accountibility.

No one takes responsibility for the corruption scheme set up by the Belgian insurance cartel. Everybody passes the ball on to another party. 




Poor legal framework.

Laws do exist. But they are too vague, they are not specific and explicit enough. They open the doors wide open for corruption. A strict and detailed legal framework is necessary to protect civilians. 




No control.

Without any form of control, the law remains without value. It's a bunch of letters on a bunch of paper, as tangible as air. Justice is NOT seen to be done in Belgium. On the contrary : all efforts are taken by the Belgian politicians to ensure that justice CAN NOT be done. Insurance profits must help paying off national debt - and fill the pockets of those who keep this corruption mechanism in place: key shareholders and politicians with a seat in the Board of Directors.




No sanctions.

Those who break the law in Belgium, never get punished. The law foresees no sanctions for corrupt court doctors. Never, a doctor has been convicted. Complaints are systematically dismissed. Heavy sanctions are necessary in case of medical corruption. This does not only apply to medical corruption regarding work or car accidents, but also to medical corruption regarding medical errors, where the same corruption strategies are applied and where the same 'court experts' are appointed. Corrupt doctors continue their malpractices because they know they can get away with it, without any sanctions. 




Political unwillingness to change.

There exists a sheer unwillingness to seriously investigate the Belgian insurance corruption scheme and foresee the necessary measures to end this corruption in the Belgian legal system. Judges are instructed to cover court doctors. The Belgian Doctors Council actively and openly covers corrupt court doctors. Corrupt court doctors are members of the Board of the Doctors Council. Prosecutors refuse to investigate corruption cases. Cases "get lost". Evidence disappears. Key witnesses are not interrogated. Cases are systematically classified. Even the High Council for Justice refuses to investigate corruption cases.




If the government can cheat, so can insurance companies.

Even MEDEX, part of the Ministery of Health, actively participates in the corruption and applies the same corruption strategies. Woman nearly died after evidence went 'missing'. Proof available. Insurance doctors run government health agencies such as the FMO.